The purposes for which this corporation is organized are:

  • to advocate for and promote construction, renewal, and maintenance of quality educational facilities in the Anchorage School District,
  • and to conduct such other related activities as are necessary and in compliance with AS 10.20.005, within the community of Anchorage, Alaska.

We’ve gathered a strong new group to support these projects. You can see our board membership below. We’re liberals and conservatives—our acting chair is Joelle Hall —and we work with many others who simply care about our town. We have minimal overhead. Every dollar you contribute will go into our campaign to get the bonds to pass.

Current board members are:

  • Joelle Hall- Acting Chair
  • Ivan Moore
  • Deena Mitchell
  • Carla Burkhead
  • Barbara Cash
  • Larry Cash
  • Jenny Fink
  • Chris Zafren