About The 2017 School Bond Proposal


    Want specifics?  Review the ASD 2017 bond proposal.

    The $58.5 million bond package was approved for the ballot by the Anchorage Assembly last month and will be put before voters on April 4, 2017.

    What will I have to pay?

    The estimated cost of the bond for each $100,000 of assessed valuation  is about $12.  However, because of bond retirement, the actual assessment will be $.11 less/$100,000 than what we have been paying.


    Which Schools will benefit?

    Roof replacement: King Career Center, Muldoon Elementary, Northwood Elementary, Nunaka Valley Elementary, Rogers Park Elementary, Willow Crest Elementary, West High School and the Student Nutrition Center

    Heating and Ventilation Replacement:  Rogers Park Elementary, Willow Crest Elementary, West High School

    Seismic stabilization and Space reconfiguration:  West High/Romig Middle School Library and Counseling offices


    Still have questions?

    Read Anchorage School District’s response to Frequently Asked Questions about school bond projects.