Time is running out…

    Last year, the school bond failed by only a small margin, making it even more important to support this year’s bond of $58.5 million. We risk greater expense in the future if we do not maintain our investment in our school buildings.  The 2017 Bond will allow necessary roof replacements, heating and ventilation system updating and structural and efficiency improvements to eight buildings.  Our School Bonds Yes group invites you to join us in making sure Anchorage students can attend safe and well maintained schools.

    For four out of the past five years, we have proved that well maintained school buildings are something we can all agree on. Our School Bonds Yes group, with the help of contributors from across the community and political spectrum, made the case and Anchorage taxpayers overwhelmingly supported the schools with their votes.

    We’re writing to ask that you join that positive momentum again by donating to our campaign for the bond package before voters this spring.

    We need to invest in this school bond package to keep our economy moving!  Especially during this time of economic uncertainty, $58.5 million that will be  injected into the Anchorage economy after the passage of this bond will keep the construction industry thriving and that helps all of us… architects, engineers, tech businesses and regular folks like us across the city.  We can’t let our economy slow down when it matters most. The budgeting is conservative and the District has been paying down its debt load.  The Anchorage School District has the lowest debt amount held by the District since FY 2004-2005.  In the last five fiscal years, the ASD paid off $279.4 million of debt.

    Each year our group of community members speaks out for school bonds in TV and radio ads, on the Internet, and in public meetings. We credit our results to strong support from contributors, a good message, and unity. We’re business and labor, parents and employers, liberal and conservative. We’re simply folks who care about our town and children, willing to work together for a common goal.

    We do this, and we ask you to contribute financially, because schools are worthwhile, lasting investments. Education pays off for decades to come, and spending the money now will boost our economy in the next few years, with jobs for all the building and maintenance trades and significant design and engineering effort.

    Since this is a proposition campaign rather than a candidate, the amount you can give is unlimited. Please make your contribution today.



    School Bonds YES

    Donations may be made in the form of a check made out to “School Bonds YES” and mailed to:

    P.O. Box 200282, Anchorage, AK 99520-2082.

    Questions about donating?


    Kristian at Kristian’s Bookkeeping LLC <kristiansbookkeeping@gmail.com>