ASD proposes a $58.5 million school bond for 2016: Keeping students safe, dry and warm

    The Anchorage School District’s 2017 School Bond proposal of $58.5 million will fund necessary maintenance to aging structures and heating systems as well as ensure structural integrity and better space allocation at the West/Romig Library, which was damaged in an earthquake.  Roof replacements ($27.3 million) at seven schools (King Career Center, Muldoon, Northwood, Nunaka Valley, Rogers Park, Willowcrest and West High) and at the Student Nutrition Center will extend the life of those buildings by 25 years. The heating and ventilation systems at Rogers Park, Willowcrest and West High need updating ($24.4 million).  Along with structural and seismic improvements at West/Romig, space reconfiguration ($6.8 million) will eliminate the need for relocatable classrooms and move the counseling offices to the main office of West for more efficiency.

    The cost to taxpayers will be $11.67 per $100,000 of assessed property valuation and is roughly equal to the bond debt that has been paid off since 2015.  Please vote to support schools on April 4, 2017!

    Five Reasons to Bond with Schools in 2017

    1.  We are all in this together.
    2.  These bonds cover the cost of basic maintenance.
    3.  Building components [roofs, utilities] wear out and cost more if not fixed.
    4.  21st century school facilities have a direct benefit to our students.
    5.  This investment strengthens our local economy.